My Favourite Bread Alternative

Plantain sandwich....yum!

Plantain sandwich....yum!

I grew up on bread. I still really enjoy it but now, only when it's homemade. Call me a bread sob. I have my very own starter dough in the fridge. Problem is, I'm busy and I don't always have a loaf to hand. I have come up with the tastiest, most delicious alternative when I fancy a sandwich but don't have or want bread. Plantain bread. 

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. I still need to add flour etc and make it like a banana bread but no, you're wrong. All you need to do is boil the plantain. Preferably let them go cold and then flatten them with a potato masher to form a bun the shape of an English muffin. 

Once you've done that, add a tiny little bit of coconut or olive oil to a flat cast iron pan. I usually use a piece of tissue to coat the pan. 

Once the pan is hot, pop your plantain bun into the pan and toast both sides. Ta da, you have a gluten free, wheat free bun that will definitely fill you up. 

I love mine with my eggs. 


V x